Learn how to use the power of Eloquent beyond the simple tutorials

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The first time you learn how to use the Eloquent ORM, the examples you encounter are for simple apps (ie: a simple CRUD website), which it's fine, but you might find yourself struggling when you have to do something more complex than simply filtering result by one field or getting a model by its id.

Everyone always says to just read the docs (you should do that), but it's hard to know what to search for in the docs if you don't understand how Eloquent works and how the different parts of Eloquent fit together.

Wouldn't it be nice to understand what's happening when you make a query and how to customize it to fit your needs?

That's why I decided to write this book.

Topics I plan to cover:

  • Understanding the differences between Eloquent and Query Builder
  • Collections vs Eloquent collections
  • Demystifying pivot tables
  • How and when to use raw queries
  • Creating queries that work with aggregates (sum, max, avg, etc.)
  • Working with aggregates within relationships
  • Using joins in Eloquent
  • Understanding and using subqueries
  • Querying complex relationships

...and more!

Eloquent is a powerful tool. When you understand how to use it, you are better equipped to face the complex problems that real-life applications present to you daily.

Send me your email address and I'll let you know when it's ready!

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Cosme Escobedo

About the Author

Hey! I'm @cosmeescobedo, Laravel web developer, creator of Laravel Remote.

I teach everything I know on my blog, through youtube videos, and on Twitter.